Columns, Pilasters

Vel Design produces all styles columns and pillasters. As a rule columns/ pillasters consist of 3 parts - a capital, a shaft and a base. We offer columns and pillasters in a variety of sizes and finishing in a broad pallete of colours.

The difference between column and pillaster is that pillaster is a rectangular support that resembles a flat column (like only one side of a square column), while columns could be round or square. Pillaster projects only slightly from the wall and is used mostly for wall decoration, around windows, doors, arches. The column/ pillaster shafts could be smooth (plain), fluted (grooved) or carved with designs; tapered or straight shaft and in many other styles . 

Custom sizes and designs are our specialty.


Please contact us for your next project so that we can assist you. 

We offer to meet your every design need.

Product subcategory

Column Capitals

Vel Design offers varieties in style, ornamentation and size column capitals.
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Column Shafts

Vel Design produces gypsum column covers : column capitals, column bases and column shafts.
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Column Bases

Vel Design Ltd can accomplish any column bases in style - Tuscan Order, Ionic Order and Doric Order.
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Square Columns, Pedestals

Vel Design produces square columns and pedestals. We offer both columns in standard dimensions and customized columns.
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Pilasters - fluted, paneled, plain

Pilasters were favourite elements in Ancient Rome and Italian Renaissance architecture.
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Round Columns, Half Columns

Vel Design makes round and half gypsum columns in any sizes. Our columns have decorative function and are non-load bearing columns.
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Decorative Columns

Vel Design makes a wide range of columns. The sizes and finishing are custom due to your requirements.
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Faux Marble Columns

Our faux marble columns are hand-made. That's why they are unique piece of art for your home or business estate.
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