Faux Marble Columns

Our faux marble columns are hand-made. That's why they are unique piece of art for your home or business estate.  

We can produce any faux marble columns (columns with marble finishing effect) according to our requirements of style, colour and height.

The result is magnificent, elegant, exotic and pleasing to the eye. Faux marble finishing has been manufactured by artisans of all eras since the glory days of Pompeii. 

Advantages of Faux marble gypsum columns we make are :
- Faux marble columns are definetely not expensive - the cost of producing authentic marble columns makes it unaffordable for most people.
- Durability, light weight and fire resistance - all our products are made of glass fibre reinforced gypsum (depending on the product we also use hemp/ palm fibres, oakum of sisal and burlap for reinforcement), so we can offer durable, light weight and fire resistant products.
- Eco friendly natural material - gypsum is a natural raw material, so it doesn't harm the environment.
- Perfect quaility - we cast our gypsum plaster products in exquisitely detailed molds after that they are hand detailed and finished.
Faux marble columns can give your home, office, or place of business a touch of classic elegance that will impress everyone. We use safe and environmentally friendly finishing materials. 



Columns marble immitation - Doric Style

REF. Num:FMC 001
Faux marble column in Doric style, Attic base with a plinth. 1 m height price : € 220.00; 2 m height price : € 350.00

€ 220.00

Columns marble immitation - Corinthian Style - 003

REF. Num:FMC 003
Hand-made plaster column; height : 1 m, shaft finishing : faux marble; capital and base finishing : golden/ silver decoration

€ 320.00

Columns marble immitation - Ionic Style 004

REF. Num:FMC 004
Hand-made plaster column, Ionic (Ancient Greek) style; height : 1 m Shaft finishing : faux marble, yellow; capital and base finishing : gold decoration.

€ 320.00

Columns marble immitation, Ionic Style 005

REF. Num:FMC 005
Ionic style column finished in black and gold - Ø 22 cm, 1.5 - 2 m height

€ 380.00

Faux Marble Columns - Doric, Ionic, Corinthian

REF. Num:FMC 006
Faux Marble Columns - Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Ø 14 cm, 1 m height

€ 350.00