Work Process

The old saying "Little things mean a lot."  is absolutely correct for decoration and decorative ornaments and elements. So these elegant details make your home or office look unique. They grant your home the gracious look everyone desires. Create your own luxury setting. Breathtaking mouldings and carvings will surely gain nods of approval. Stand back and admire your home while others admire your style and sense of design.

Decorating is an art and a science. The right feel is as important as the right look. Add excitement to walls and ceilings with decorative ornaments.

Architecture and accents go hand in glove to create a home truly unique to the individual. Surround yourself with beauty for a true sense of well-being. Isn’t that what good living is all about?

The products in our catalogues are all hand-crafted and we can make any needed piece of decoration, corresponding to your needs and interior and exterior style.

Our product range consists of:

Staff technology and mouldings

  • gypsum plaster cornices
  • gypsum plaster friezes


  • gypsum plaster columns : gypsum plaster capitals, gypsum plaster bases, gypsum plaster shafts and pilasters, gypsum plaster plinths
  • ready for use columns (fluted, paneled, plain) in any colour and finishing you will desire - faux marble columns, decorative columns in ancient finishing

Ceiling and wall decoration

  • gypsum plaster ornaments and elements
  • gypsum plaster ceiling domes
  • gypsum plaster ceiling medallions


  • gypsum plaster replica reliefs and statues
  • gypsum plaster classical and well-known busts 


We respect our clients and we offer:

~ Low prices and best quality on the market

~ Worldwide trackable shipping, fast and right to your door

~ All kind of decoration products in one place

~ Gifts and bonuses