Column Capitals

Vel Design offers varieties in style, ornamentation and size capitals. You can look at our online catalogue with columns in Greek and Roman orders. In Ancient Greek Order there are three styles : Doric, Ionic and Corinthian style. Roman order originates by Ancient Greek Order and consists of Tuskan and Composite styles.

Dimensions in Column Capitals Catalogue are as following :

H - Capital height

W - Upper capital width/ diameter

w - Lower capital width/ diameter



Decorative Capitals - Corinthian

REF. Num:CC 001
Capital in Corinthian style, H=31 cm/ W=36 cm/ w=24 cm

€ 55.00

Decorative Roman Corinthian Capital

REF. Num:CC 002
Capital in Roman Corinthian Style, H=26 cm/ W=27 cm/ w=18 cm

€ 39.00

Angular (Scamozzi) Ionic Capital

REF. Num:CC 003
Ionic ‘diagonal’ angular capital, H=16 cm/ W=30 cm/ Diagonal scroll to scroll = 50 cm

€ 68.00

Four Angels Capital - Angular (Scamozzi)

REF. Num:CC 004
4-angels capital is Angular (Scamozzi) capital, H=26 cm/ W=52 cm/ w= 33 cm/ Diagonal scroll to scroll=65 cm

€ 350.00

Round Capital with Greek Meander Pattern

REF. Num:CC 005

€ 120.00

Greek Meander Pattern and Acanthus Leaf Capital

REF. Num:CC 006
Capital in Greek style with meander pattern and acanthus leaf, H=36 cm, W =44 cm, w=38 cm

€ 160.00

Pilaster Capital Ionic

REF. Num:CC 007
Pilaster capital in Ancient Greek Style, H=30 cm/ W=41 cm/ w=22.5 cm

€ 55.00

Pilaster Capital - Corinthian

REF. Num:CC 008
Pilaster capital in Corinthian style, H=28 cm/ W=35 cm/ w=22.5 cm

€ 45.00

Scamozzi Corinthian Capital

REF. Num:CC 009
This Scamozzi Corinthian capital is a wonderful piece of art, H=29 cm/ W=48 cm/ w=27 cm, Diagonal scroll to scroll=57 cm

€ 165.00

Roman Corinthian Capital

REF. Num:CC 010
Gorgeous capital in Roman Corinthian style for columns 1 m diameter.

€ 580.00

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