Replica Statues, Busts

We offer replicas of classical pieces of art : statues and sculptures. Each of our replicas is made of plaster and after that is hand-finished in order of achieving glance and brilliance.

The standard colour is white. In need of any other colouring and special decoration effects, you can contact us.

We offer :

- Venus de Milo Statue (Aphrodite Statue)

- Michelangelo's David Statue

- Madonna Relief

- Venera de Milo Bust (Aphrodite Bust)

- Apollo bust.


Venus de Milo Statue - big

REF. Num:RS 001
We make reproductions of Venus de Milo statue. We offer 2 standard sizes in height : 70 cm and 100 cm.

€ 150.00

Michelangelo's David Statue

REF. Num:RS 002
The statue of David by Michelangelo is one of the most famous statues in the world.

€ 130.00

Horse's Head Sculpture

REF. Num:RS 003
Horse's Head Sculpture is not a replica, it was made by our sculpturers, H= 36 cm.

€ 90.00

Venus de Milo Statue - small

REF. Num:RS 004
Replica of Venus de Milo statue (Aphrodite Statue), H = 70 cm

€ 110.00

Aphrodite (Venus) Bust

REF. Num:RS 005
Gorgeous replica bust of Venus de Milo (2nd Century B.C.), H = 50 cm, finished in white

€ 190.00

Apollo Bust

REF. Num:RS 006
Replica bust of one of the most famous Greek and Roman gods, Apollo, H= 54 cm, finished in white

€ 180.00