Gypsum (Plaster) Products

For years now it's been considered as good social status and wealth having a good looking house, especially if the small details are taken into consideration such as cornices, ceiling medallions, wall or ceiling frames, columns and other pieces of decoration which can add style, excellence and unique design to your place. 

Decorating is not just a statement of luxury, but a show of character and fulfillment to joy of living in an uplifting sound environment of choice.These days technologies and materials have become more accessible to everybody and more economical to install.

What are the advantages of using VEL DESIGN products 

  • Raw materials used in production are natural and environment friendly.

All our products are made of gypsum/ plaster in various formulations in accordance to the degree of hardness and durability required for the item, reinforced with palm/ glass fibres to achieve the required strength of the product.

  • Aesthetic look and elegant design 

We produce not only classical style products but modern ones in order to fulfil all our customers' needs matching the interior style and decoration elements.

  • Perfect quality 

Highly organised manufacturing methods blending Ancient Greek decorating practices and latest trends and technologies can provide perfect quality to our clients.

  • Wide rage of decoration ornaments for every home or business estate with an option of designing their own customized unique designs & needs

There is no limitation to decoration elements and items. Nevertheless we have a wide range of items, if you need a product that you don't find pictured in our catalogue, we can offer you a similar one or we can make the product for you.