Decorative Columns

Vel Design makes a wide range of columns. The sizes and finishing are custom due to your requirements. We have uploaded in our corporate website some of the alternative models. Because all our clients are important to us and we want to satisfy your requirements, we make the decorative columns any size.


Ionic Column - Ancient Finishing

REF. Num:DC 001
Column in typical Ionic style, Ancient finishing in green.

€ 240.00

Ionic Decorative Columns - Fluted

REF. Num:DC 002
Column in Ionic (Greek) style with fluted shaft, finished in Arabian blue and gold.

€ 150.00

Decorative Columns - Ionic, Faux Marble Effect

REF. Num:DC 003
Decorative column 003 is a fine piece of art for every home. Height : 0.5 m - 2 m, Ø 22 cm

€ 240.00

Decorative Columns - Ionic, Scamozzi

REF. Num:DC 004
Typical Ionic decorative column, Ø 24 cm, fluted or non fluted (smooth) shaft. Height : 0.5 m - 2 m

€ 220.00

Small Decorative Columns

REF. Num:DC 005
Small decorative columns with stylized Corinthian capital, Ø 12 cm.

€ 155.00