Ceiling Decoration

Ceiling - the largest unused area of a room - has been given special attention for hundreds of years.

Ceiling design has the power to add character to the room and make it look unique.

In recent years changing interior styles have produced exciting ceiling designs, which add new dimensions to interior space. With smart interior design through the use of creative materials and finishes the ceiling can become the focal point or an important backdrop for other interior elements.

You can make your ceiling design more fascinating by installing decorative ceiling elements : ceiling domes, ceiling medallions, ceiling rims, ceiling frames and ornaments.

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Product subcategory

Ceiling Domes

Ceiling domes are perfect solution for foyers, lobbies, luxurious living and dining rooms, meeting rooms. With gypsum (plaster) domes you can turn a plain ceiling into an artistic expression.
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Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are used to create a sense of ambience and atmosphere. In adding that special charm, many are simply placed on a ceiling or wall as decoration.
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Ceiling Rims

Vel Design is specialized in gypsum plaster decoration. We make ceiling rims - standard, oval and in custom forms.
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