Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are used to create a sense of ambience and atmosphere. In adding that special charm, many are simply placed on a ceiling or wall as decoration.

Most often they adorn chandeliers in entry ways, dining rooms, banquet halls, ceiling fan decorations ... But not only - you can instalI a ceiling medalion which suits your interior in any room in your home or business estate. 

Our gypsum plaster medallions are hand-crafted. We offer a huge variety of models and styles.

In order to reply to your needs we offer the ceiling/ wall medallions finished in any colour or effect you would like.

You can contact us for more information and assistace. 


Ceiling Medallion - Greek style

REF. Num:CM 001
Ceiling medallion in classical Greek style. Palmette and acanthus leaf motifs. Diameter = 1 m

€ 53.00

Ceiling Medallion - Baroque Style

REF. Num:CM 002
Ceiling medallion in Baroque style Ø 42 cm with scrolls and Baroque shells.

€ 45.00

Ceiling/ Wall Medallion

REF. Num:CM 003
Ceiling/ Wall Medallion in Baroque style, Ø 39 cm Perfect model both for ceiling and wall decoration.

€ 32.00

Ceiling Medallion with floral motifs

REF. Num:CC 004
Ceiling medallion with fine floral motifs, Ø 38 cm Easy installing.

€ 37.00

Ceiling Medallion - French Renaissance Style

REF. Num:CM 005
French Renaissance ceiling medallion - oval, Ø 72 cm/ Ø 64 cm

€ 72.00

Oval Ceiling Medallion - Baroque Style

REF. Num:CM 006
Oval Ceiling Medallion - Baroque Style, Ø 74 cm/ Ø 54 cm

€ 68.00

Ceiling Medallion - baskets with flowers

REF. Num:CM 007
Ceiling medallion with baskets with flowers, Ø 42.5 cm

€ 46.00

Ceiling Medallion - finely ornate

REF. Num:CM 008
Ceiling medallion - finely ornate with scrolls and floral motifs, Ø 42 cm

€ 35.00

Palmette Medallion

REF. Num:CM 009
Palmette ceiling medallion, Ø 50 cm

€ 38.00

Oval Ceiling Medallion

REF. Num:CM 010
Oval ceiling medallion with flowers and scrolls, Ø 82 cm/ Ø 58 cm

€ 78.00

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