Wall Decoration

Wall decoration has a lot of advantages for creating your desired interior.

In our Wall Decoration Catalogue are included : wall reliefs, wall frames, corners, swags and ornaments, mirror frames, wall niches.

We can offer you a wide range of products in any kind of style.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance and advice.

Product subcategory

Wall Reliefs, Plaques

We offer a wide range of wall reliefs and plaques which could suit any interior and exterior style.
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Wall Frames, Corners

Vel Design produces wall frames and corners cast in gypsum reinforced plaster. We offer custom moulding for any interior.
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Mirror Frames

We make oval, square and rectangular frames for mirrors. The frames could be plain or ornate depending on your interior style.
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Gypsum Plaster Niches

Vel Design makes gypsum plaster niches in modern and classical style. In the niche you can place a statue, a statuette or just a vase in order to create the specific style you would like.
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