Ornate Coving, Ornate Cornices

We offer a variety of gypsum plaster ornate cornices.

Our gypsum cornices are made of glass fibre reinforced gypsum (depending on the product we also use hemp/ palm fibres, oakum of sisal and burlap for reinforcement).

Moulding/ Cornicing or molding (in the USA), also known as coving (in the UK, Australia) is the process of fixing gypsum plaster mouldings around the joint between the ceiling and the walls as a way of both joining the two, and also as a way of extending the design styling of a room or house.

Gypsum plaster mouldings are room adornments, dating back over 9,000 years, and were originally found in Anatolia and Syria. The Egyptians were the first race to realise the full extent of uses for plaster mouldings. Over the years, plaster mouldings developed into an adornment for housing and rooms.

To our attention we present our ornamental series of cornices with Greek, Roman, Baroque, Neobaroque, Classical, Neoclassical patterns.


Ionic Pattern Mouldings

REF. Num:OC 001
Ionic Pattern Mouldings are typical crown and panel moulding used in Ancient Greece.

€ 10.00

Baroque Shell Ornate Cornice

REF. Num:OC 002
Beautiful cornice adorned with Baroque shells and floral elements.

€ 18.00

Egg and Dart Crown Mouldings

REF. Num:OC 003
Typical crown moulding for Ancient Greek decoration.

€ 11.00

Crown Moulding Leaf Flower Pattern

REF. Num:OC 004
Stylish crown moulding with floral patterns.

€ 15.00

Baroque Crown Moulding - decorated

REF. Num:OC 005
Unique baroque coving cornice, handmade decoration.

€ 58.00

Corbel Egg and Dart Crown Moulding

REF. Num:OC 006
Crown moulding with small decorative corbels and Egg and Dart motifs.

€ 29.00

Crown Moulding Palmette

REF. Num:OC 007
Crown moulding with palmette motifs.

€ 35.00