Restoration, Renovation

Vel Design produces quality gypsum plaster decorative products from our catalogue and custom products. We make any kind of gypsum plaster decoration for interior needs -  domes, ceiling medallions, ornaments, crown mouldings, corbels (consoles), columns, statues, reliefs and many more. We have made a lot of repilca models to satisfy our clients' wishes. For exterior needs we can offer the same models cast in gypsum cement.

We deal not only with making decorative items from our range but with restoration of architectural ornaments and elements for the needs of our clients. We can make any detail - ornament, capital, relief, statue etc. from design projects, sketches and pictures.

Because of the affortable prices and the quality we offer, we have accomplish lots of restoration projects.

The current working methods are based on techniques tested for centuries. The gypsum mixed with water forms, after crystallization, plaster. The solidity of this material is still improved by using reinforcement that is incorporated when plaster hardens. Oakum of sisal and burlap (and nowadays combined with palm/ glass fibres) have been used for milleniums to reinforce moulding, and yet no other current material replaces them with the same effectiveness. The mentioned technique remained identical to that that the Egyptians used. But the craft industry of gypsum plaster grew rich by modern techniques. Such as for example, for the making of the moulds.

Due to the skills and knowledge of our craftsmen the difference after renovation of a damaged item (moulding, statuette, ceiling etc.) and reinstallation of its restored part will be invisible

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